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"Leslie has been doing my accounting and taxes for about 6 years now and I am completely satisfied with all that she does for us. Her knowledge of financial matters is truly exceptional and all of her work reflects unparalled professionalism. I would and I do recommend her to everyone that I come in contact with on a daily basis in my work. I sincerely believe that you can not find a better company for your personal or professional accounting and tax needs."

Mack L. Bolling dba MLB Entyerprises, LLC
President Edit

"Virtuous Accts is a company that listens to their clients needs . As a result virtuous accts readily informs the clients exactly what is expected from them in order to provide the best quality service available. Professionalism is the essence of the company and the Godly owner. I am truly greatful and blessed that this company is handling my companies tax accounts."

Roz Johnson
Realty Broker-Owner Edit

"I have been working with Leslie for about 2yrs now and it just keeps getting better, her professionalism, promptness, and her attention to detail really paid off (pun intended). I would highly suggest her expertise to anyone."

Torre W
President, L.I.F.E, LLC / Engineer Edit

"​​​Leslie Thomas of Virtuous Accountant and Tax Service is a professional, knowledgeable, courteous and straight forward individual. Peace Baptist Church is indeed proud to have her as our accountant.

The services she provides to our church is impeccable. Our church was in need of this type of business when we found ourselves faced with difficulty and had a penalty from the IRS. Ms. Thomas was asked to meet with our Board members to present to us an adequate solution to our problem. She came to our meeting fully prepared to get a clear definition of what our church needed to help us get into a better financial situation, especially facing the IRS penalty. Once everything was explained, she thoroughly researched the financial problem we had with our taxes and proceeded to complete the necessary steps to resolve this very taxing issue.

Once Ms. Thomas had completed the paper work and notarized it, we were able to send in a much lower payment to the IRS and later once the IRS really examined our case our church was refunded the total amount we sent to them.

Ms. Thomas is a diligent, faithful, committed, God fearing individual who is very mindful of your circumstances. She takes great care to prepare and complete all documents necessary to resolve the issues we have had to face in the past as well as in present situations.

Our church is Blessed to have such an individual as Ms. Leslie Thomas to assist us in our finances."

Rhubell Brown
​​​Peace Baptist Church Member​

"Our experience with Virtuous Accountants and Tax Services was absolutely phenomenal. Job well done by a true professional.
 Ms. Leslie Thomas took a 'no-nonsense' approach in helping my husband and I
correct mistakes done by past professional accountants. She took the time to review past tax years
requirements and allowed us to reclaim funds that were lost due to inexperienced lackadaisical tax accountants. Her dedication, attention to detail, and deliberate approach allowed us to realize that 'true professionals' in any business make the difference.

She is a breath of fresh air and a trail blazer in the field. 
We are truly glad we found her services and highly recommend her to others."

Cathy Jackson
CPT US Army​​​

"I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to Ms. Thomas. Working with her and her company over the last several years has been a delight. The accounting services she has provided has exceeded my expectations. She is very prompt, efficient, and courteous.

I would like to thank her for all the help and continued efforts. It has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her again. I will be sure to recommend your services to others in the future."

Joe Young
Glad Team

This was my first year with Ms. Thomas and it was magnificent. She told I would be able to get a refund back and that is what happened. I was told that I could not write off some [most] expenses for the tax year 2012 because I was claimed a dependent on someone else's taxes. Working with Ms. Thomas showed them wrong and got me a refund back with the including expenses for 2012."

Antonaya Judkins

"I find the Virtuous Accountants and Tax Service to be above reproach and excellent business for handling CPA Accounting and tax preparation services. My experience began this year as I had a need to file an amended tax return with my home based business​​​​ being included. Ms. Thomas filed my Tahitian Noni business for June 2011 - 2012 tax year; she was very professional and knowledgeable. As a result of Ms. Leslie Thomas handling my tax needs, I recieved several thousand dollars from her filing my home based business. Ms. Thomas is a very professional, God fearing woman, with a very loving, caring spirit. I am fortunate to have her handling mt tax needs

Lieutenant James Hope

​"Ms. Leslie Thomas prepared my 2013 taxes & received my highest return ever. She is a Christian woman and know the business & highly recommend her service. So God Be The Glory!!!!"

​Lucy Johnson
St. Louis, MO​​
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